Hybrid App Vs Native App. Which One to Choose?

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  • 9 April 2020
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In today’s world businesses revolve around the internet. And all the businesses express themselves through their website or web presence. Now everyone wants new advancement in user friendly portals or easy to access portals at any point of time from anywhere. This where mobile apps come to evolve. 

In recent years mobile apps have become the new medium for information gathering, communicating or shopping. And each and every day new applications are developed and placed in google play store or apple app store. 

For App Development two major types of apps come into the game. The Business owners often get Confused what type of app they should consider. So Let’s Check What are they

Native App.

This kind of app is used by most of the businesses. It is a very common type of app that everyone prefers. It is developed for a particular OS mostly Android or iOS. And the codes written for the App are easily readable to any of the particular OS.

There are Some pros and cons for this type of app. 


  • User Friendly
  • Better Device Accessibility
  • It doesn’t requires internet connection to run
  •  It is smooth, Interactive and Intuitive
  • Have Fast Response Time
  • Does Not depend on third party platforms


  • Development Time and Cost is high for these types of apps.
  • Different code is used to run the same app in different OS.

Hybrid App

These types of apps are similar to that of a native app. The general user will not understand the difference. It can also be found in the app stores. This Kind of application also contains the features of native app. And  it is developed for cross platform advantage. It can be uploaded in Google play store, Apple App store, Windows Store. It does not require a separate code base to upload in different OS.


  • Takes less time and cost
  • Needs a single code base
  • Good for smaller apps
  • It helps the hybrid apps to get in device accessibility.


  • Complicated and big apps cannot be developed
  • Multiple maintenance and fixtures required
  • Need third party native plugins
  • Needs internet connection to run

So in conclusions both the apps have their own pros and cons. Both required App Development professionals to build the App for your business. So you have to choose by seeing the features of both the types which one of the apps is suitable for your business. If you need any kind of assistance for developing an App You can Always consider us The Digital Exposure. Best App Development Company in Kolkata, India.

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