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Automotive - To improvise supply chain collaboration and diversify product offerings, Digiex Web Services Pvt Ltd. develops end-to-end automotive business solutions focusing on Dealer management, CRM and ERP solutions.

Real Estate - Showcase your properties and connect with prospect buyers in a better manner. Digiex Web Services Pvt Ltd. develops portals, mobile applications and full-cycle CRM solutions that give your real estate business a competitive edge.

Banking & Finance - Finance industry needs a streamlined distribution model. IT solutions rendered by Digiex Web Services Pvt Ltd. focuses on monetization of data assets, development of mobile wallets and robust financial applications.

Travel& Tourism - Digiex Web Services Pvt Ltd.' Travel and Tourism industry practice leverages domain expertise to provide innovative application frameworks and IT solutions that improves time-to-market and increases your return on investment.

Retail & E-commerce - Digiex Web Services Pvt Ltd. renders optimized retail solutions that are in sync with your brand message. We are capable of delivering end-to-end business solutions including mobile or iPad apps and full-cycle CRM systems.

Professional Service - Whether you are seeking solutions for Accounting, Research and Development, Architecture and Business Process Management or Marketing Project Management, Digiex Web Services offers diversified customization.

Software Vendors - By partnering Digiex Web Services Pvt Ltd., ISVs are able to launch software products months ahead of their competitors and gain enhanced productivity and development efficacy, while reducing the development cost.

Transportation - Cut-throat competition prevails across logistic marketplaces. Our solutions enable you to sustain the stiff competition, access and forecast information and abridge operational costs to increase efficiancy.

Healthcare - Adhering to Government regulations and keeping check on soaring patient care costs, Digiex Web Services Pvt Ltd. develops healthcare solutions that accustom healthcare industry with better management and control abilities.

Manufacturing - Improvised and elevated capacity management is need of hour. Our Manufacturing solutions integrate ERP and inventory management systems with web applications for enhanced data and legacy migration.

Entertainment - We provide our some of elite services like photography, videography, cable operator, event management which is directly connected to entertainment industry.

Education - Innovative virtual learning solutions from Digiex Web Services Pvt Ltd. are targeted towards taking classroom learning a notch higher. Integrating solutions with industry standards enables Digiex Web Services Pvt Ltd. to deliver world-class solutions.

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We are very proud of our work and love showing it off! Our diverse portfolio spans across industries and verticals including pharmaceuticals, IT, E-commerce, corporates and NGOs.

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