Digital Conference Solution

Small Business Development –The world of globalization is being reflected in every domain of big to small business where a complete website is required to showcase the organization. We as a team could take care of your small business dream and will build a complete website for your success. The base of any business is being showcase to the world by representing its website where different web application development is being catered to clients. The professional and dedicated web development team of The Digital Exposure is working to present the clear concept of web applications.

Why choose us

  • DXPODIUM AKA digital podium today comes attached with touch screen computers, document cameras, Blu-ray players, mic – amplifier – speaker systems, interactive whiteboards and many other complimenting devices as per the needs of the client.
  • DXPODIUM suggests Digital Podium As the name suggests digital means “technology” and the podium means a lecture stand; the mixing of both can transform the learning into interesting session. A podium is a raised platform on which a speaker stands during a presentation.
  • Digital podiums are complete smart solutions for any classroom, training room, conference room, board room, meeting venue, commentary room, etc.
  • With conveniently integrated lecture delivery tools, it benefits presenter and audience with a platform for better message delivery.
  • With super secure network which is secured by EC-Council certified ethical hacker and CCNA certified engineer’s topology and IP Calling facility you are ready to connect the whole world within some minutes.


Smart Class

    edumodZ is a digital smart class solution where technology is mixed with instructional practice that makes effective use of technology in Modern educational Sector.

    Interactive learning is the way where we can engage students with smart teach in the digital classroom. It allows the teacher and students to use modern technology in a unique and collaborative way

  • We believe that this teaching method will make a student enthusiast about the subject and we are pretty confident that this digital training module will be very much effective in achieving the objectives of smart Education in terms of providing knowledge along with skill development and this will inculcate the attitude of the students towards continuous and lifelong learning.
  • It is the application of a wide spectrum of practices including blended and virtual learning. This is an e-classroom technologies, E-textbooks and Learning analytics.