Desktop Application is a server-side web application framework used in web development to produce dynamic web pages. It is developed and created by Microsoft. It is one of the widely used frameworks in the world. We, Digiex Web Services Pvt Ltd., have professionals who have more than 15 years of experience and can deliver awesome and customized application as per your requirement within the given time.

Software Development – We serve you with high performance, custom and robust web application to provide you to run your business easily.

Software Migration – We can assure you with our latest technology as our many clients are migrating their applications from old age technology to latest frameworks.

Time Bound Commitment – We deliver your application within the given time and that’s our prime commitment to our respective clients. We have already delivered our 98% project to our 100% satisfied clients within their given time.



ERP Solution

Human Resource:

People management is one of the important management architecture in the business world. To track the HR related activities seamlessly it has immense importance. Digiex Web Services had put emphasis on various module where it successfully encountered with time tracker, attendance sheets, skills matrix, and performance management systems, Leave management system.

Inventory module:

Inventory module is mainly used to track the stock of items. In the inventory system items can be identified by unique serial numbers which needs management architecture to keep track of it. The inventory management system is well looked up by the professional of Digiex Web Services where inventory control, master units, stock utilization reporting etc. system gets high leverage to control the business.

Engineering / Production module:

Management of the entire automating marketing processes and sales cycle is an important part of ERP systems. Digiex Web Services professionals are well versed with Advanced ERP system modules related to sales and had integrated sales tax rules and shipping trackers.

Finance & Accounting module:

The entire inflow & outflow of money/capital is managed by the finance module. This module keeps information about the account-related transactions like Balance sheet, expenditures, account ledgers, bank statements, budgeting, payment receipts, tax management etc.

Digiex Web Services had successfully implemented all the finance module through niche development.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module:

CRM department of Digiex Web Services is always helping its customer to boost the sales performance through better healthy relationship with customers and customer service. All the stored details of the customer are available in the CRM module.

Engineering / Production module:

This module consists of functionalities like machine scheduling, production planning, raw material usage, track daily production progress production forecasting , (Bill of material)preparation & actual production reporting. The development team of Digiex Web Services had made many clients happy with their in depth production module base.

Supply Chain Management (SCM):

Today many SMBs face challenges in their process automation. ERP is a great help for such organizations. The Digiex Web Services team had effectively implemented the ERP in supply chain management through streamline the business operations of the organization.






In this performance based practical world we need our software should be tested too.

Smartphone app testing and solutions – In this smart world we are very much fond of our smart phones. We know that we are growing in a digital way but the end of the day we need performance. So Digiex Web Services is here to help you. We will test your app by our professional tester who will check your app’s UI, performance, functionality, usability and security.

Web testing – We test UI, performance, functionality, usability and security of web application, website in various ways. We have our professional who will check your sites and applications using some customized and enterprise tools.

App Development

The mobile app development market is the trendiest phase now, where every website is being linked with app. Digiex Web Services Pvt Ltd. is having a dedicated team of app developers where app development comes in different wings of features.

Digiex Web Services Pvt Ltd. is one of the breakthrough Mobile App Development companies that work on the iOS, Android and Windows platforms, Websites, eCommerce solutions – especially for use with mobile devices. The experts at Digiex Web Services Pvt Ltd. have developed numbers of mobile application which are paving the way of satisfied clients in their business.

Digiex Web Services Pvt Ltd.could provide complete solution of user-experience with simple user friendly GUI and clickable features for all demography. We will guide to make you app simple so that any that people may use it.

The features which we will deliver to make your app unique

Reasons you would love to work with Digiex Web Services Pvt Ltd.

  • High end quality
  • Creative and customized design of the app
  • Easy notification viewing
  • Total high end latest security protocol
  • Unique and excellent performance

Logo Design

Designing the latest fashion Logo with meaningful design is the main base of creativity of our team. The Brochure design delivered by our team is the unique way of representing our style and mode of innovation. Logo and Brochure design are simple, where every tinge of color gives a colorful meaning of achievement.

Every business needs a color bliss of life to enhance the brand identity where your logo withstands your business. Logos are vital because they act as the face of your brand. Your brand is one of your most quickly recognizable assets which will define you. An excellent Logo Design should inspire trust, be memorable & crave an everlasting impression. A professional Logo Design communicate people what you trust in , what you do, demonstrate your vision & it provides them a good reason to connect to your company.
Digiex Web Services will help you enhance your business in unique way to empower brand identity & impress your clients because we are experts in all fields of visual identity and branding & with more than valuable years of experience in designing best logos which make an impression trust ,inspire and loyalty.

Choosing the right partner – Versatile & fresh image is very important, for impressive image of your company please contact Digiex Web Services Logo Design expert team. Digiex Web Services will enhance your brand presence and enrich your market value by providing a high end Logo to keep your business and your face smiling always.







Digital Marketing

the digital exposure is a website development company in kolkata

Digiex Web Services is full-service digital marketing company having years of experience driving most impressive results for multiple clients in a number of industries. If you want to enhance your online presence and generate your business to a high end then you are at the right place of your. The company will take care of the promotional brand value of the clients with its digital marketing domain and help the clients to achieve their success.

Why Digital Marketing

  • Digital marketing is the process that involves cost-effective way to reach potential customers & it gives a great return on investment.
  • Digital marketing allows you to enhance your access & maintain a presence online. If you are searching for more website traffic, revenue & conversions, digital marketing is the best option.
  • Digital marketing provides you the opportunity to target your exact buyers or customers.
  • Digital marketing assists you reach your social media customers.
  • Digital marketing plays an important role to connect with mobile customers.
  • Digital marketing provides you to check the original results of your campaigns very quickly & easily as well adapt your tactics and strategy for top results.
  • Digital marketing tactic such as SEO & local SEO helps you reach more qualified buyers or customers online.

Why choose us – Digiex Web Services is an object-oriented top rated local SEO company that uses advanced techniques of experts and customization to provide SEO success for our clients. The dedicated SEO team of Digiex Web Services is on the mark to give the best SEO services which will help to run the business with maximum success The experts here create and implement Search Engine Optimization campaigns suitable to provide you with rankings that are long-lasting and relevant. Digiex Web Services will help optimize your website with Keyword Analysis, Content Creation & a well-structured consumer journey.

Social Media Marketing – Digiex Web Services as its name suggest is well versed with the social Media marketing where the concept of marketing had been changed and been focused to social media. The social media directly hits the clients which are being carried by the expert digital marketing team. Our team is well versed with media marketing through Facebook is a very powerful method of contacting a very special audience due to its brief targeting options. This will help, your business for social recommendation.

Digiex Web Services will use special techniques to campaign to your ideal customer. By choosing important companies, Job Titles & LinkedIn Groups your business will reach to specific clients.
Digiex Web Services will help to utilize Twitter Ads to build drive traffic followers to your site and enhance conversions. The advertisement on Twitter is comparatively new, it is more cost effective than some of the other social media marketing techniques.

PPC Management – The pay per click technique is one of the important section of Digiex Web Services which helps to retain client by its expert service.

Local SEO Services – Digiex Web Services team have also the grip in the local market domain where local SEO services will be given by expert and catering the domestic market with high end service.

Content Marketing Services – The content is the main king of any website to be produced in front of the audience and target audience. The content marketing services is being looked by expert team where content gives the hype to the produce high end content services.

Video marketing and Email marketing – The expert group of digital marketers of Digiex Web Services are well adverse with the video marketing and Email marketing feature where video being the main system to understand the main base of the system.

Web Development

Digiex Web Services is a full-service Web Development Company based in Kolkata, India offering design and strategy consultation services with websites built on PHP, Dot Net (.NET), Code igniter, Word Press, Magneto and other languages

eCommerce Development – The development of various trends and new technology is being captivated by our team where shopping cart development of website is carried on with full dedication.

CRM Development – CRM solutions are momentous for all types of business whatever it’s a small, medium or large business as every business needs to deal with its clients.

CMS Development – CMS being another feature development website where development of this website is fully catered by the professional team of Digiex Web Services. The innovation marks its uniqueness.

Small Business Development –The world of globalization is being reflected in every domain of big to small business where a complete website is required to showcase the organization. We as a team could take care of your small business dream and will build a complete website for your success. The base of any business is being showcase to the world by representing its website where different web application development is being catered to clients. The professional and dedicated web development team of Digiex Web Services is working to present the clear concept of web applications.

Why choose us

  • Website development is our basic service at Digiex Web Services. We are proficient of creating magnificent and flawless website from scratch to a full furnished product. We are one of the leading website development companies in India since 2017.
  • Our customers are not only from India but beyond the border. Our diversified client lists prove our capability. So if you are thinking a world class website design & functional website development, Digiex Web Services, the Best Web Design Company in India is your one stop solution.
  • Every impression counts when it comes to capturing customers online. Now more than ever, your online image is essential to the success of your business. A fancy design is not enough for your site now a days user are demanding websites that are user friendly, informative, attractive, and accessible as well as responsive to all devices.

Web Design

The clients of Digiex Web Services are the returning crowd who believes in our potentiality and our commitment to run their business successfully. Our website design is been divided into different segments taking care of niche requirement

Small Business website design – The globalization had also an adverse effect on the small business where showcasing the website is the primary need of small business. Our Digiex Web Services team knows the base of small business and could design the website of any needs of small business. Services are that unfold stories which mark the excellence of any organization to walk away from crowd.

Corporate Website – The corporate world is well known by their websites which carries every information from visualization to testimonials. Our dedicated team could build the corporate websites where corporate look will match with elegance.

Ecommerce Website – The market of today is mainly based on the ecommerce platform where users could easily implement their needs. We are well versed to build ecommerce website where easy tracking and user friendly design is our main motto.

Digiex Web Services is the harbinger of Web Design organization providing Web Design and Website Design as well Digital Marketing Services for endless impression.

Your website is often your customers’ first impression of your brand. But if this website is unappealing or hard to navigate, then you may be turning your customers away without even knowing it. So, it is important to have an impress web design.

Digiex Web Services provide improved User Experience, An Increase in Mobile Traffic, Faster Website Development, Easier website maintenance, No Duplicate Content Penalty, Better Website Loading Times, Lower Bounce Rates, Higher Conversion Rates, Better SEO, More Social Sharing, Better Backlinks are the key features of fantastic Web design.

Digiex Web Services provide improved User Experience, An Increase in Mobile Traffic, Faster Website Development, Easier website maintenance, No Duplicate Content Penalty, Better Website Loading Times, Lower Bounce Rates, Higher Conversion Rates, Better SEO, More Social Sharing, Better Backlinks are the key features of fantastic Web design.

Reasons you would love to work with Digiex Web Services

  • Digiex Web Services is one of the best website design company and we have a creative and technically sound web design team which providing best web designing services throughout the world.
  • Our objective is to generate and maintain well-designed websites. Working with you we will create an impressive, attractive, informative, and functional site that exceeds your expectations and meets your business goals.
  • The Digital Exposure specializes in creating outstanding custom websites and e-commerce websites. Our best web design service that brings you more leads and sales.

Appealing websites are the result of best website design, basis on the solid foundation. Your website is a role playing segment of your business. We are totally business oriented, so we know how important your web presence is to your organization.